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You guys have out done yourselves..! One of the best tweeks ever!!! Worth every penny!!!!

mattcampbell80 Matt Campbell, Twitter

Photo Album Plus + Tweak of the YEAR hands down @iRealSMS

Johnny_Styles Johnny Styles, Twitter

This is what i have been waiting for my entire iphone life. Hope its a midnight release! I registered just to say how appreciated this is.

rameses09, Forum


Want to protect your Photos?

Do you take a lot of photos that not everyone should see? Frustrated with the Photos app missing options to protect your private photos from the prying eyes of your coworkers, friends or even family members? PhotoAlbums+ adds multiple layers of privacy with a password protected private albums list plus individual passwords for those private albums.
You don't understand why there is no way to MOVE photos on iOS 7 instead of stupidly copying them? You want to decide which photos get added to PhotoStream rather than having them added automatically in background? You need USB access to your photo albums instead of only the whole camera roll?

Here is the solution: PhotoAlbums+! And this comes with a 100% stock looking UI integration into Photos and Camera app!

From the makers of iTouchSecure, iRealSMS and PwnTunes:
PhotoAlbums+, Convenience... Optimized for your Lifestyle:
Apple - but with ALL possibilities.


PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7

PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7 was just released and is available via Cydia Store now!



PhotoAlbums+ with lots of bugfixes available via our beta repo (Cydia source)


Big Lottery!

To celebrate the awesome work of @evad3rs we do a Lottery! Win 1 of 694 iRealSMS, PwnTunes or PhotoAlbums+ licenses. Just follow us on twitter @iRealSMS and retweet!


All Apps ready for iOS 6.x!

All our Apps (iRealSMS, PwnTunes and PhotoAlbums+) are ready for iOS 6.x now!


PhotoAlbums+ and PwnTunes ready for iOS 6.X jailbreak!

PhotoAlbums+ and PwnTunes are ready for the imminent iOS 6.X jailbreak. I want to thank @evad3rs in advance for their awesome work here! iRealSMS update is in the works!


PhotoAlbums+ for iPad and iOS 5!

PhotoAlbums+ for iPad and iOS 5 has just been released to our beta repo ( as Cydia Source)! It adds full iOS 5 compability and all the nice new features you know from PhotoAlbums+ for iPhone/iPod. Two of those are the new private albums tab which can be password protected containing all private albums and the USB mapping of custom albums to folders with the correct album names.


PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 5!

Hard work is done and PA+ for iOS 5 is completed. Now you finally get the MOVE options back on iOS 5 instead of Apple's lame limitation to copy photos. There is also a brand new, convenient Private Albums list tab with all your private albums protected by one password. Besides that we improved the USB mapping of albums. Reznor made a great video - Watch it. For the full changelog go here. Hope you like it! If so please :)


iPhone Siri seduced!

Together with Steven Troughton Smith I managed to seduce Siri today and get it running on the iPhone 4 as a world premier. Watch it



PhotoAlbums+ is now available with improved backup manager and privacy features. Full Changelog


PhotoAlbums+ 3

PhotoAlbums+ is now available with some major improvements of Privacy,Album-Backups and USB-Transfer! Full Changelog


PhotoAlbums+ for 4.3 firmware!

PhotoAlbums+ is now compatible with firmware 4.3 - the beta is available at our beta repo and should also be soon online at the official BigBoss repo.


PhotoAlbums+ Video!

Reznor9 made a great video showing PhotoAlbums+ in action on iPad!


PhotoAlbums+ for iPad Released!

PhotoAlbums+ is now finally available for iPad! It was a bit more complicated than expected but now its finished... PhotoAlbums+ for iPad was just submitted to the BigBoss repository and should be available to all jailbreakers within 12 hours!


PhotoAlbums+ Released

PhotoAlbums+ was just submitted to the BigBoss repository and should be available to all jailbreakers within 12 hours!


PhotoAlbums+ Private Beta

PhotoAlbums+ Private Beta started.

Install PhotoAlbums+

PhotoAlbums+ is distributed over Cydia - follow these steps to install:

  1. Jailbreak your iDevice (A step by step guide can be found here)
  2. Launch Cydia
  3. Choose Sections -> Security
  4. Choose PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7 and and Install
  5. Have fun!

iRealSMS 3.0

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